Small and lightweight wood or alcohol burning camp stoves. Lightweight camp stoves for canoeing, kayaking, boating, hiking, backpacking, bicycling, emergency, disaster preparedness and more. Lightweight camp stoves that burn wood or alcohol - not gas, propane or butane. Camp stoves lighter and simpler than wood burning Sierra Zip Stove, Trailstove or Trekstove.
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Emergency Preparedness
Camp stoves for disaster preparedness.
Lightweight hiking and backpacking camp stove. Lightweight hiking and backpacking camp stoves for winter camping. Lightweight camp stoves for emergency and disaster preparedness.
Does your camp stove compromise your values?

I used to cook with gas. I was compelled to change when I recognized that my stove played a part in the threats that fossil fuels present to our remaining wild places. The fossil fuel trail passes from exploration and extraction to refineries and distribution on its way to the store shelf. When I replenished the fuel for my stove I was obliged to support these activities. My fuel may have come from land that was once wilderness.

Littlbug Stoves offer you the choice to affirm values that care for the earth and its inhabitants. With Littlbug Stoves, you use renewable fuels and help support the Littlbug Humanitarian Aid Project. Littlbug Stoves burn wood or alcohol and are recommended in the Falcon Guide Basic Essentials Series on Camping and the Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson. Littlbug products are manufactured in the USA.

Kent M. Hering
Inventor, Littlbug Enterprises, Inc.

Camp stoves for vehicle survival kits.

See the Littlbug Stove in Action – Compliments of David Nicol - Stove Owner
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Pieces Nest for Easy Storage and Transport
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Camp stoves for car camping.

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Click here to view the video Best of the Best Littlbug beats the competition! BPL Recommended View the Putting It Together Video