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What are backpacking experts across America saying about Littlbug? Check out the first-hand feedback from wilderness enthusiasts who trust Littlbug to give them a top-notch wood burning camping stove experience!


"Many of us outdoor enthusiasts love new gear like we do the wilderness. Some are amazing, some are flops, some aren't practical and others are revolutionary. However, any gear that makes our lives easier, helps to preserve our wilderness, and makes us feel good owning it deserves utmost recognition - like the Littlbug Stove!


David Lee

See the link below for a review by David Lee, a passionate paddler who enjoys sharing his many trip experiences through picture and prose.


Dear Kent,

Not only am I extremely pleased with the Littlbug Senior that I purchased, but also with the service provided. Mine arrived with a slight defect which I let you know about only so that you could be made aware of it. You responded by replacing the part, no questions asked, as well as stating that you corrected the problem; I have never had such good service in my life.

As to the stove, I have used many others over the years, all with limitations: requiring special fuel canisters, requiring fuels that have a high ecological impact, do not produce enough heat, stoves easily damaged, others too big, making my own (big mistake), and so on. I will be on a two month kayak trip, and the stove, once folded, fits perfectly into my yak, as well as being relatively lightweight. Along with an alcohol container and scrap wood that I will forage for, I do not see any of the problems that I have had with other stoves. I will probably not be buying many more stoves since yours seems to be such a durable product, but you have my word that I will be recommending both you and your company from now on. Thank-you very much.

Mitch Ventura
Colima, México


Thanks so much---the pouch arrived yesterday. I apologize for not being more careful when I ordered. However, on the plus side, you have shown me that you provide OUTSTANDING Customer Service! The stove is absolutely AWESOME! A bit of a small nuclear furnace! Thanks again, and I will be letting all my friends know what a great company you are, and that your products are fantastic. I can't wait to get out on the trail and show other hikers this gem of a stove!



Hello Kent,
Please excuse my typing as I'm disabled. My order has arrived and I wanted to send you a "big thank you" for taking care of my order. After opening our package my daughter and I proceeded to assemble the "senior" and "junior" stoves. She was amazed by the engineering, simplicity, and quality put into the 2 sizes. Your instructions are well thought out, graphics are clear and instructions for safety steps and other information included. She easily disseminated the assembly and put both of them together in minutes. my thoughts of how you put them together using interlaced locking points and the rivets used for the hook [lack for a better word] were confirmed. Storage takes up far less room wherever they will be put. I hope in the future as we use these stoves others will be motivated to ask where we acquired them and the chance for informing them of another "american made", "american engineered" marvel is shared. Although it could have come from anywhere on our globe. I'm thankful they are both light yet sturdy. Again, thank you and I hope we get the opportunity to tell others.

best regards,
chris meyer


Gary had a Littlbug Sr. on our Slate Island trip and it was awesome. An ingenious stove that uses the draft of a chimney design to enable it to burn almost anything. With these stoves you can quickly have a hot fire even in areas where there isn't any good wood, be it a overused campsite or out on the tundra. We had a wonderful blaze with just spruce cones and scraps of driftwood with no sawing or chopping. Could be a real life saver. The firepan and chains allow you to move it at will and collect and dispose of the ashes afterward for "leave no trace" camping. While talking to Kent Hering about ordering some for our Labrador expedition in October 2008, he offered to become an equipment sponsor and sent us two Littlbug Sr. stoves with fire pans and one Littlbug Jr.

Rob Mulllen
Wilderness River Expedition Art Foundation


I just want to thank you for your Littlbug stove - this is one of the finest pieces of camping equipment we use!
We use the stove on long canoe trips in far northern Canada (even on the tundra), and this has saved us both the headache of carrying camping fuel and the anxiety of a potentially broken stove.
We just got back from a two week trip - and one night we we're talking about your stove and wondering why all equipment wasn't so simple and rugged.

Andy Breckenridge


Just a quick note to say how delighted I am with the Junior Stove which I have been using for over 6 months now. In the UK we are subject to all sorts of foul weather (much of the time)! This little stove has performed faultlessly throughout all my bushcraft / wild camping trips. It's very light and easy to stow in my pack, easy to put together... and provides the most wonderful, heart warming (and dinner warming) fire when I need it.

I find great pleasure in using such a wonderfully designed and made, piece of kit as this.

I shall be buying the Senior version from you shortly - although I don't need it immediately, I believe it is a wonderful emergency backup.

I can only confirm what has already been stated... this stove leaves a tiny footprint (nobody would know I had used it after I left) ... burns beautifully...light friendly dead wood fuel that I won't run out of...

I use top end, ultralight gear when I camp...anything that doesn't work in the field (no matter how much it cost) gets dumped!! .. Your stove, has become a constant, reliable companion on my trips into the wilderness of Dartmoor and Scotland.

Many thanks! I appreciate what you produce, and the way that you produce it.

Please feel free to offer my email to any potential customers that may wish to verify my thoughts about your products.

Julian Povey


…Bear Island was the third camping trip I've been on with my Littlbug and I'm absolutely convinced that it is the coolest camping accessory I have seen in years. Their corporate philosophy and policies make them even more attractive.

I've been meaning to write up a glowing review on but the real beauty of the stove is too difficult to describe in words. Not sure if they're looking for a dealer network but GOPC would be a good one.

North Carolina
NCW Founder


Just returned from the Steel River trip. We used your stove every day. It's awesome! The trip was co-guided by Steve Johnson--a real mountain man who lives in a log cabin a mile in the bush outside Ely. Steve was very impressed--enough to bring this stove to Greenland on a kayak trip he's leading. We all think your stove is the best thing since sliced bread.

Trust me, I'll spread the word! ... Darn nice unit, Kent. When my books come up for revision, this product will be in it.

Best to you.

Cheers, Cliff

Cliff Jacobson
Freelance Outdoors Writer & Outdoors Consultant
Custom Canoe Expeditions Into The Far North
River Falls, WI 54022
Phone (715)425-9545


On our last trip to the BWCA, we used the Littl'Bug Stove exclusively for the preparation of all of our camp meals. The "one pot" meals were done much quicker than any small stoves that we have used over the years and the pancakes were superb! We place a griddle on the extension arms; the temperature was easy to control, the stove was stable and the pancakes were golden brown! As great as our meals were, however, the best feature of the Litt'Bug stove was that it operated great in a strong wind. The wind blew at least 20 to 30 miles an hour during our entire trip and every fire was easy to start and to protect from the wind. The Littl'Bug will be our only stove for all future BWCA trips!

Craig Lilja,
Buffalo, MN
The first person to buy a Littlbug Stove.


I used your stove on a trip to the BWCA and the Little Bug was a champion stove. I'm big on conservation and what impressed me the most about your stove was the fuel efficency. You could boil water quickly using much smaller pieces of wood than what the standard firegrate would require. This way one avoids needing to pack in a saw or hatchet. I think it's a great invention.

Justin Olson,
Duluth, Minnesota


Dear Mr Hering,
Just a short message to express our gratitude and to inform you on how happy we are that we have purchased the lovely Littlbug Senior! We have just returned from a 4-week journey through the Scottish Highlands and have heavily used the stove on a daily basis in all weather conditions (up to Hurricane wind force!). We have attached some nice pictures to this message.
A wonderful stove!
Best wishes from Antwerp (Belgium)
Koenraad, Alexander & Olga Blansaer
littlbug wood burning camp stove

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