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Family Camping

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Family Camping

Camping is one of the few activities that allow families to really connect. One activity families often share together is cooking. The Littlbug Stove is a great addition to the campsite not only for cooking, but also for providing parents an opportunity to teach their kids about self-sufficiency and stewardship.


Family Camping Links and Resources

Littlbug Stoves Make Family Camping and Cooking a Better Experience

People camp for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to experience nature, take a break from the overly-connected world, or to spend quality time with your family - camping is often the perfect remedy.

Regardless of your motive, one fact remains the same: You gotta eat! Now, if you’re like most casual campers, you don’t have a pack full of cooking utensils – and for the most part – you don’t want one.

That’s where Littlbug Stoves fit into the family camping picture. Littlbug stoves are simple to use, rugged, compact, and heat up quickly using small twigs or denatured alcohol. Whether you need to boil water for coffee or cocoa, heat up some soup, or make a full-on meal, your Littlbug Stove is up to the task.

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