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Backpack Camping Stoves and Accessories | Free Shipping

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Now at Littlbug, your top rated small wood and alcohol camp stoves and accessories ship for free to any location within the United States.  There is no minimum purchase requirement for free shipping at Littlbug.  See all our products here.


What Do You Support When You Buy a Littlbug Backpacking Camp Stove?

We won't do business with a supplier just because they can do the job at the best price.  We look for businesses that are close to home, involved in making a positive difference, known for thinking outside the box...We get the stainless steel blanks for your Littlbug Stove from Wyoming Machine, a small business in rural [...]

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Littlbug Enterprises donates at least 10% of its profits to help care for the Earth and its inhabitants.