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Camping with Friends

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Camping with Friends

Camping with friends is fun and a great way to build and strengthen friendships. Oftentimes, it’s the simple things that will be remembered, like huddling around your Littlbug Stove with friends to boil water for coffee while watching a magnificent sunrise through the cool morning mist.


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Littlbug Stoves Make Social Camping a Little More Social

Many campers enjoy socializing with friends and like-minded outdoors enthusiasts. While some campers plan their trek with longtime friends, others prefer to meet someone new and make another friend. In any case, it’s about camping, enjoying the outdoors and socializing.

As with most camping experiences, much of the activity at the campground is centered around cooking and socializing. The morning might start out with boiling water, making coffee, and cooking up some bacon and eggs. Then there’s lunch, later dinner.

While the day is likely broken up with a variety of activities – hiking, swimming, canoeing, bird watching, fishing, reading, games – eventually it comes back to food.

Littlbug Stoves can help you make the most of your social camping time by keeping it simple. Because Littlbug Stoves are easy to setup, rugged and require little wood or alcohol to burn efficiently, you can spend more time socializing with your friends and less time setting up your kitchen, gathering fuel and cleaning up.

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