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Easy, Affordable, Long Distance Traveling

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Do you want to travel the country? Traveling can get expensive, but there’s a few ways to help make the adventure more affordable. Not all methods are made the same, and some work better than others, depending on what you’re looking for in your travel experience. When it comes to finding FREE camping, we found a few tips for you to keep in mind.

Take The Scenic Route

Campsites aren't likely to be found alongside busy interstates. Plan on taking the scenic route along America's original highway network instead. U.S. roadways frequently follow old roadbeds, some of which date back to before the Constitution was signed, and they frequently pass through the core of national forests and Bureau of Land Management properties. There is a great site called Free Campsites that will actually map out your entire trip and provide different options for free camping. 

Google, Google, Google

Free camping listings can be found in abundance online, but once you believe you've found one, keep looking. Many reviews about campgrounds are out of date, and after the first search listing was made, the laws or the land may have changed.

Use An App

In the era of smartphones, there are a plethora of adventure travel applications. If you intend to look for campgrounds using social media, we would advise using an app like The Outbound or AllTrails rather than Instagram or Facebook, where tent photographs may be extremely misleading.

Ask A Ranger

Most park rangers are among the kindest people you'll encounter in the wild. They may be able to direct you to authorized campgrounds and may also know where to find dispersed camping. No one understands untamed territory better than the individuals who work there, so it's a good idea if you're alone to let someone know where you'll be.

Be Prepared For Anything

Once you believe you have located a campsite, be ready for difficulty when you get there. Allow yourself additional time in case the site you found is already occupied so you can find a backup location.

In case there is a burn ban where you set up camp, it is a good idea to bring a camp stove along with your fuel if you intend to eat at your campsite. Littlbug stoves burn wood or alcohol and our Fire Bowl accessory fits your Littlbug camp stove to make this even easier and help you Leave No Trace.

Keep in mind, even though you might occasionally come upon a free campsite with a pit toilet, be ready to manage all of your housekeeping tasks without the convenience of running water or a bathroom.

Where will your next adventure take you?

Which of these tips are you most likely to use?

ICYMI: Littlbug was featured on The Camping Show! Check it out HERE if you haven’t watched our episode yet!

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