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How to Escape the Crowds

Posted by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

Getting outside, seeing beautiful landscapes has been growing in popularity. A large part of the joy of being in the wild is the solitude it offers. You may find that your favorite camping spot, hiking trail, or backcountry route are congested with others trying to enjoy the same view and solitude as you. Here are some tips you can consider to continue enjoying the great outdoors without all the people:

Shoulder Season

The good news about the wilderness is it never closes, you just may have to plan to pack a little differently. Do your research and identify the most popular times of year for your bucket list locations, and avoid them the best you can. Whether it’s snow dusted red rock or golden aspens in fall, beauty can be found wherever you go in nature.

When traveling somewhere new to explore in the off season, make sure to do your research. To ensure you enjoy the best experience, research weather patterns, trail conditions, and temperatures, and plan accordingly, try and avoid dangerous times of the year like extreme temperatures and/or precipitation. Talk with local experts like forest service offices or park services to find out what you should consider for traveling during various times of the year.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

There is something magical about waking up with the sun and hitting the trails early. Not only do you enjoy less crowded trails, you also can enjoy the beautiful colors the sunrise brings, early morning sunrays, and cooler temperatures.

A favorite of ours at Littlbug is hiking before the sun and climbing to an eastern facing overlook. While the sun rises, we fire up the Littlbug stove, boil water, and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Go Further

Going the extra mile, or two, or 4 never hurt anyone that was prepared. The more miles you travel the less people you’ll find. Typically, the first major sightseeing location draws the most people. It’s the closest, and most convenient to reach. However, there are almost always another location just as beautiful and serene a few miles past it. It may require a little more planning and time, but the journey is almost always worth it.

Avoid Social Media Hotspots

Social media has become a hub for influencers, travelers, and adventurers to share new found discoveries, and their favorite perfect spot to pose for a picture. While this gives iconic and beautiful locations around the world recognition, the attention also brings awareness to these locations. They’re beautiful and wonderful to experience, but the extra attention and awareness attracts more sightseers, creating congestion in these areas.

Instead of getting sucked into the attractions social media exploits, try looking off the beaten path for your next adventure. Local guidebooks, national forest service websites, or a simple trail map can bring extraordinary sites, and a little less people enjoying them with you.

Now that you know the secrets to enjoying your adventures free from crowds, get out there, start planning your next trip, and begin checking items off your bucket list.

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