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Stop Reading This and Go Backpacking

Posted by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

We’re serious. Stop reading, and go backpacking. Well, you don’t have to backpack, but find a way to get outside and enjoy it. Why, you might ask, would we want to tear you away from our website? Because we ultimately want you to enjoy the outdoors. And you enjoying the outdoors doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen reading a blog. It’s getting out there, and enjoying it! If we haven’t convinced you yet to pack up and get into the wilderness yet, here are some reasons we believe you should enjoy some time outside. Hopefully, you don’t make it too far into this before your bags are packed and you’re out the door!


The wilderness offers acres of space unoccupied by other people. It is wild, and free, and quiet. You can choose the amount of solitude you’d like to enjoy. Whatever capacity of solitude you enjoy, the wilderness can offer it. You can enjoy hiking busy trails by yourself for the opportunity to not feel the need to engage in conversation, and get lost in your own thoughts while still feeling the security of having people around you. Or you may enjoy company with a close friend or loved one on more isolated trails where you have a mutual understanding of quiet enjoyment.


In a world that is constantly moving, where we are continually bombarded with life’s responsibilities, social media, email alerts, phone calls, text messages, and beyond. The world continues to move and we constantly have to keep up with it for fear of being left behind. Being in the wilderness offers the opportunity to completely disconnect. You often can’t get service in the wilderness since cell phone towers don’t reach that far. This can offer a great opportunity to disconnect, refocus, and take some time to enjoy not being interrupted or rushed by alerts and deadlines.

Quality Time 

The solitude the outdoors presents the ideal time to spend quality time with yourself, a loved one, or close friend. The wilderness is removed from the everyday hustle and bustle, and naturally brings out thoughts and conversations that otherwise get stifled by constant interruptions. Spending time outdoors allows you to grow relationships and be intentional with those that you love most, including yourself. Some of the best memories are made by experiencing adventures together. What better way than to have those adventures and build those memories than exploring in the wilderness.

Personal Growth 

The outdoors gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a safe space, if you choose to do so. Nature is wild, and unpredictable. We have the ability to prepare for those unpredictable events. Whether you’re new to the outdoors or an experienced adventurer, the outdoors always offers a new challenge. Venture out on a hike with friends, backpack for the first time, tackle the climbing route you’ve been eyeing, explore lake country instead of mountain landscapes, or hop on a bike instead of grabbing your hiking shoes. Whatever it is, whenever you’re ready, the outdoors is patiently waiting to join your journey and help you conquer your next adventure.

If you’ve made it this far, and haven’t yet left, we hope that you’ll close down your computer now, and step outside. Avoid the temptation to check another email, answer another message, or turn on the television. The wilderness is calling, and you must go. Grab a friend, or head out solo, whichever you prefer, and let the healing power of the great outdoors refresh your soul.

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