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Why We Love Wood Burning Camp Stoves

Posted by Written by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

When it comes to outdoor gear, there are thousands of brands and styles to choose from. If you’re trying to pick the perfect camp stove, it can be a little overwhelming. We wanted to give you the insider’s take on why we love having a wood burning camp stove.


When traveling in the backcountry you have to be careful about your weight. A lot of the first things to go are items that weigh more than others. However, you don’t want to sacrifice your cooking source. When it comes to counting ounces, wood burning backpacking stoves add very little to your pack, barely making a dent in your weight limit. Our very own Junior Stove comes in at 5.1oz, making sure your cooking well, but packing light.

Because we can rely on more natural fuel sources like sticks and twigs, we also save weight on fuel. We no longer have to worry about over packing too much fuel. As long as the natural resources are available where we’ll be traveling, we can leave the fuel canisters at home.


The key to a good stick stove is their simple design. The simple design, along with correct assembly gives you the ultimate cooking experience in the backcountry. Important items when it comes to the design of a stick stove are airflow and stability. Your fire needs adequate air flow for a clean, smokeless burn and your pots and pans need to safely rest on top.

The Littlbug wood burning stoves create a great experience with not only their simple design, but also their easy assembly. Four separate pieces easily click together to create great airflow. On both the Senior and Junior stoves, you’ll notice ventilation holes along the bottom of the front panel. The pot supports on our stoves are designed at just the right height to support your pot or pan without inhibiting the ventilation needed for an efficient fire and maximizing heat exposure to your pot.

The curved pot supports create a perfect, stable surface for pots and pans of various sizes to rest securely while your food cooks or your water boils. The optional Fire Bowl adds another element to stabilize the stove, while adhering to Leave No Trace camping principles.


Because of the heat wood burning stoves are subjected to, they have to be durable. These stoves stand up to all kinds of use and abuse. You don’t have to worry about your lightweight backpacking stove breaking in the middle of a trip, leaving you without a way to boil water or cook your food.


Last, but not least, we love the versatility a wood burning stove brings to our adventures. We can enjoy using natural resources like sticks, twigs, and leaves to burn in the stove, or we can easily transition and use an alcohol burner as well. This option allows us to have one stove that is lightweight and works in various environments. If you’re traveling to an areas that may have a shortage of natural fuels, bring your alcohol burner. Put it inside your Littlbug Stove and you have an excellent wind screen and pot support for your alcohol burner. To make sure you use your alcohol burner efficiently, invest in a pot sling. The pot sling lowers your pot into the stove, bringing it as close to the heat source as possible.

Now that you know some of our favorite reasons why we love wood burning camp stoves, you can pick out your favorite backpacking stove knowing you’re making a great choice!

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