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Ways to Use Your Littlbug Stove

Posted by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

Wood burning camping stoves give you the opportunity to have a lightweight, diverse option for your various traveling needs. Since they require no canister fuel, and take up minimal space, wood burning stoves allow you to have reliable gear wherever your adventurous spirit takes you. Here are five ways we love using the Littlbug wood burning stoves.

1. Backpacking & Bikepacking

Every ounce counts when you have to carry everything needed for survival and comfort on your back or bike. You want your gear to be lightweight, small when disassembled, easy to assemble, and reliable.

Wood burning stoves give you the option to pack less canister fuel, lightening your load or saving space in your pack for other essentials. The Littlbug Junior Stove weighs in at 5.1oz, making it a great space and weight saving option for your cooking needs.

For those looking to practice Leave No Trace with their stove, the Littlbug Fire Bowls create a barrier between the wood burning heat source and the ground. This protects the ground from being scorched.

2. Car Camping

Car camping gives you the luxuries of home with the rustic camping experience. (Check out our blog on car camping here). Having a wood burning stove while camping is great to cook on. Littlbug’s Senior Stove is perfect for bigger groups and easily holds a 6 quart cast iron Dutch oven!

3. Disaster Relief

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and other natural disasters can tear apart communities. The damage can last for weeks or months, and even longer. Clean water sources may be compromised and electricity may be down for an indefinite amount of time.

Apart from shelter, food and water are basic human needs we need for survival. Littlbug stoves can help provide crucial clean water in these areas for drinking and cooking. They can also act as a heat source if needed. You won't be able to buy fuel for a camp stove that relies on gas or other refined fuels.  Debris is fuel for the Littlbug Stove and will not be in short supply.

4. International Travel

There are times when your travels may take you to international areas where safe water is hard to come by, even in populated areas like cities. Packing a wood burning stove gives you an easy option to make sure you have access to clean water at all times.  If you are traveling by air, gas stoves are prohibited, even if your fuel canisters are empty.  Littlbug Stoves can be transported on a commercial airline.

The lightweight, slim design of the Littlbug stoves make it easy and convenient to pack. Our Stove Pouches keep all the parts of the Littlbug stoves together in your pack and make it easy to roll up in clothing or tucking it between items.

5. Your Backyard

Your backyard is the perfect opportunity to try out new recipes you may want on your next adventure. Fire up your Littlbug stove in your backyard for your summer BBQ or have a family campout and cook your food with your stove.

Also, it never hurts to practise using the stove at home so you know how the temperatures change with various amounts and kinds of fuel. What a great excuse to use your Littlbug stove and prepare for your next adventure!

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