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Put Your Littlbug to Use: Cooking, Boiling, and More!

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Some use it to boil water. Others use it to simply provide warmth. Some may even utilize it to fire up a quick meal to fuel their hike or backpacking trip.

The Littlbug Senior Stove or Junior Stove provides the kind of versatile, on-the-go heat that makes any wilderness excursion more manageable and comfortable than ever before.

Whether you already own a Littlbug, or are looking to add it to your backpacking arsenal, here are a few “professional pointers” to consider when it’s time to fire up your stove.

Setting Up Your Littlbug Stove for Cooking or Boiling
After a long hike, the only thing better than rest and recovery time is rest and recovery time accompanied by the warmth of a Littlbug flame. If you’re looking forward to some cooking or boiling as part of your respite, remember to set your Littlbug up on a level surface. If you are using the Littlbug Fire Bowl with hanging chains, the stove will level itself.

Keep in mind, the diameter of the wood affects the amount of heat emitted. Small diameters (about the size of your thumb) burn faster and put out more heat. Large diameters (about the size of your wrist) burn slower and give you a moderate and steadier heat output which is easier to cook with.

Maintaining a Proper Cooking Temperature

No matter what you’re cooking or where you’re cooking, temperature is a universal consideration. When you’re away from the comforts of your home stove or backyard grill, maintaining a proper temperature can be a heightened challenge.

Whether you are a day-trip hiker, a week-long backpacker, or getting ready for a survival trip, the Littlbug is an ultralight solution to quality cooking. At the same time, there are a few tricks to ensuring your cooking temperature is as spot-on and consistent as possible.

It’s important to keep in mind there is a time lag between when you add more fuel and when the temperature increases. If the stove gets too hot, a quick way to cool things down is to give the fire a quick squirt from your water bottle.

There are many stoves on the market where this may cause the stove to become warped. However, the Littlbug Senior and Junior stoves are made of durable stainless steel that is curved to withstand this type of action without being damaged. This ensures your stove can be easily disassembled, packed, and assembled once again when it’s time to make your next fire.

It Might be Time Accessorize…
While the Littlbug Senior and Littlbug Junior camping stoves are dependable as standalone equipment, there are accessories available that can maximize the effectiveness of either one.

If you are looking to use Littlbug as an alcohol-burning stove, the Littlbug Pot Sling allows you to tune your alcohol burner and pot combination for maximum heat transfer. The Sling, made from a stainless steel ball chain, gives you the capability to adjust the spacing between the flame and your pot.

If you are serious about carrying a Leave No Trace ethos with you along the trail, the Littlbug Senior and Junior Fire Bowl are perfect for helping you do just that. Each bowl consists of four pieces and can be placed on the ground or suspended using the included hanging chain set.

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