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What Being a Backpacker Really Means to Littlbug Enterprises

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When it comes down to it, packing everything you need on your back is the simple definition of backpacking, but you hopefully knew that. In reality, as a backpacker, you have a bit of a split personality.

You're a hiker. 

You're a camper.

You’re someone that packs their hiking gear and rugged camping equipment all on their back because you love spending time on the trail, and that’s the best way for you to do it. 

For long distances.

In all kinds of weather!

Sometimes backpacking is not all sweetness and light. You might have sore feet, an empty stomach, a tired back, or all three! But that's okay. You power through it because you know the reward that is waiting. 

What does being (or becoming) a backpacker really mean? It foretells that you need two strong skill sets if you want to become a competent backpacker:

  1. Multi-day hiking techniques to stay strong, warm, dry, hydrated, and not lost
  2. Camping skills along the trail, including how to provide shelter, food, water, safety, and comfort for yourself.

But there’s some good news…

Backpacking is fun!

You're a hiker, AND a camper, AND you're ready for anything.

Backpacking teaches you a lot of things, whether or not you expect it to. And we are here to teach even more!

A carefully packed backpacking pack, filled with everything you need for backpacking, and not an ounce of anything you don't, opens up vast horizons for you. And let us tell you, some of those horizons are simply breathtaking!



It's one of the most powerful things you can do. And our goal is for you to have the absolute best experience. 

We are going to spend the next several months delving into all things backpacking. Whether it's great gear, fun adventures, what to pack or maybe even more important, what to leave out of your backpack! We want to share with you some of our best and worst adventures because, let's face, we all learn from mistakes too. 

Which of your backpacking experiences has empowered you most in your life? Or if you are new to backpacking, what are experiences are you seeking?

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While we add value to your outdoor experience, you are adding value to our planet and all that live here. Littlbug Enterprises donates at least 10% of its profits to help care for the Earth and its inhabitants.