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Giving Thanks for the Backcountry

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We always take some extra time to think back on everything we have to be thankful for this time of year, especially around Thanksgiving. Family and friends are one of life's greatest joys, and we are grateful for all the opportunities we have to spend time with them and the priceless memories we make together.

Out on the trail is one of our favorite places to spend time with our family and friends. It's a wonderful way to get outside and take in everything that nature has to offer. We can explore some of the most breathtaking locations in the world using hiking paths and heading out into the backcountry. People are less distracted and you can truly enjoy each other's company and focus on creating those ever important memories. 

Keeping in touch with those near and dear to us can be challenging at times. We live in a fast-paced world filled with constant digital interruptions. So how can you create the space for some quality time? Plan a trip to enjoy some time with your family and friends this holiday season while everyone is together. Recommendation from us? An outing to the wilderness! Plus, a trip to the outdoors lends itself to some great gift giving ideas too. Here are some gift ideas that can help inspire your next family vacation or outing with friends. Not everyone has all the necessary supplies they need to fully enjoy an outdoor vacation, and these ideas will surely help make it a much better experience.

  1. A Littlbug Senior or Junior Camp Stove, of course!

If they already have a Littlbug stove, here are a few accessories that people love:

   2. Firebowl accessory fit to the size of their Littlbug stove

   3. Stove Pouch accessory fit to the size of their Littlbug stove (Senior & Junior)

   4. Pot Sling

Are they all set with their Littlbug stove and accessories? If so, we have some additional ideas that would be great for a family or friend trip to the backcountry!

  1. Backpack
  2. Weather-appropriate clothing (think moisture-wicking and layers)
  3. Hiking boots or shoes
  4. Navigation tools such as a map and compass
  5. First-aid kit
  6. Knife or multi-tool

Make sure your whole family and your close friends are prepared for the your next vacation together (which should be a great adventure out on the trail, exploring the beauty of the world).

Where’s your next family adventure going to be?

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