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Hike, Camp, Cook, Sleep, Repeat - Our 5 Favorite Items for Cooking

Posted by Summer Nitsch for Littlbug Enterprises on

Nothing tastes better than a great meal made in the fresh air after a day hiking, biking, paddling, or simply enjoying the outdoors. If you are looking for ideas regarding some necessary items in your backpack to help ensure a great ‘dining’ experience, you need to check out 5 of our favorites.

There are so many types of cooking pans, stoves, purifiers, etc. on the market. What do you truly need to consider? Weight, size and shape, fuel, weather, and versatility are just a few things to keep in mind. We recognize you may not be making a gourmet meal, but with the right equipment and gear, you’d be surprised! And keeping with the theme, all items are under $60! Any of these could make the perfect gift for a loved one, friend, significant other, scout, outdoor enthusiast, or for yourself in order to plan that trip in the woods, camping or backpacking.

Of course, our first recommendation is a  Littlbug Stove. You need something to provide a heat source and this is one of the best in the market. The Littlbug Junior or Senior Stoves are small camp stoves that can give you hours of natural wood-burning firepower. With a Littlbug Stove, you never have to think twice about which backpacking camp stove to pack. Littlbug Stoves can be reconfigured to become the necessary windscreen and pot support for most commercially available alcohol burners and DIY designs. While it can burn alcohol, it also efficiently burns twigs. sticks and other biomass which means you don’t need to carry the additional weight of fuel. For packing efficiency, it is designed to wrap around a rolled up sleeping pad for easy storage and transport.

1.  Littlbug Stoves ($55-$57) Choose your fuel – Littlbug Stoves burn wood or alcohol and are easy to assemble. Littlbug backpacking camp stoves are clean burning, ultra lightweight, easy to assemble & boil water fast. Just gather sticks and twigs for your stove, or use alcohol for quick & convenient heat. Leave no trace with the Littlbug Fire Bowl. The benefits are easy to see why we love our Littlbug!

Now that you have your camp stove, you need something to cook your food, or boil your water. This specific set is perfect for any backpacker. Food and water heat up quickly with help of its rounded corners. Scratch and dent resistant stainless-steel stands up in the most rugged conditions. This particular set includes a lid, pot gripper, and a storage sack weighing in at only 26 ounces.

2.  Alpine 2 Pot Cookset ($50) The classic 2 pot cook set brings reliability, durability and lightness that's just as at home on a big wall as it is in the remote wilderness. We especially like the rounded corners that help heat travel up sides of the pot more quickly, boosting efficiency.

Here is another great option for those that pay even closer attention to weight and space. This cooking pot actually functions as a bowl and mug, which reduces the need for additional bowls. Plus we love the flip top lid to help prevent unnecessary messes. We can feel your backpack already getting lighter.

3.  Snow Peak Titanium Trek 700 Mug: ($45) Ultralight cook pot which doubles as a bowl and mug. Cook your meals in this handy solo pot, then eat right out of it; save weight (only 4.8 ounces) by leaving an extra bowl at home. Flip-top lid features a convenient slot for draining pasta and rice without making a mess. 

Who said you can't make an amazing meal when you go backpacking, paddling, biking, hiking or camping? With this kitchen set you can create a gourmet meal to suit a king without having to pack the kitchen sink. Plus, weighing just 17.2 ounces, it help the serious backpacker manage the weight of their gear. 

4.  Outdoors Gourmet Kitchen Set: ($43) Take your cooking skills to the campsite with this 11 piece GSI Gourmet Kitchen set. It has everything you need to prepare the perfect meal for hungry backpackers, campers, or hikers. This particular set includes a spoon, spatula, collapsible whisk, spicer, 2 condiment containers, cutting board, scrubber, scraper, camp towel, and ballistic nylon case. 

We wanted to make sure we covered all aspects of food and beverage consumption adventure seekers might want to enjoy whether they are on the trail or at their campsite, so we found this fantastic titanium flask. Perfect for before or after dinner spirit to relax your mind, spirit and body, while you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

5.  Zpacks Titanium Flask: ($49)  Weighing just 3 oz, it holds 8.8 oz of liquid. Enjoy your favorite spirits after a long day on the trail. This flask is a lighter and stronger option than steel, titanium is the perfect choice for an ultralight flask that doesn't leave your favorite spirit with that unpleasant metallic tinge. Also includes a titanium funnel for refills.

Please share any other items that you have found a great asset in your backpacking gear or camping collection that is a must have to cook in the outdoors. We love to collaborate with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and value your insight as well. We focused on essential, lightweight items to optimize all space and weight to fully outfit your backpack.

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