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A simplified guide to survival camping!

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In an era where we go camping with enough food and gear to support a delegation for weeks, the idea of survival camping may sound scary at the least.

However, modern camping is always about going out there with nominal items and trying to wing it. It is an exercise, a test for our outdoor skills and an opportunity to see if our mettle is as advertised. In survival camping, what stands between you and Mother Nature is a small bag and a handful of supplies.

Why survival camping? What are the benefits?
Survival camping is quite a strange idea to many, but it has wide-ranging benefits attached to it; of course, apart from the fact that you get something to brag about to friends and family. It has also been around for centuries-remember, traditional nomadic communities used to move around with just their herds and the clothes on their backs.

Here is a look at the advantages of creating your own version of You vs. Wild:

Test your camping prowess
Going all out with a massive RV and a great assortment of supplies makes for great YouTube videos, but it does not really teach you much about survival skills. However, when you choose to go with only what you absolutely need, then you are looking at a rather formidable test of your survival powers. Should you find yourself unprepared for a challenge like that, then the experience serves as a springboard for future endeavors. You may quickly find that overcoming the challenges of the wilderness can be quite addicting.

Survival camping brings out the creativity in you
Didn’t they say that necessity is the mother of invention? When you don’t have a fire, you can start one by rubbing sticks together. Should you find yourself freezing out in the cold, your mind would immediately spring into action, and you would find yourself snapping off tree branches and using them as shelter. And if you find yourself without meat, you set traps and carve your prey over open fire. It doesn’t need to be that bare and basic, but you can always set your limits. Survival camping gives you the opportunity to be resourceful.

What gear do you need for survival camping?
A rule of the thumb is to go with only whatever you need. Ignore as many of the trappings of technology as possible and chance it without sleazy gizmos. You can start out with the items below:

Shelter: With a square tarp and some rope, you can create a comfortable and secure shelter.

Sleeping bag: You might be able to do without a sleeping bag but it does help protect you from hypothermia.

Basic cooking items: A stove, a pot and a spoon will just about get the job done. The Littlbug line of wood burning backpacking camp stoves is a fantastic place to start. Extremely light and easily portable, the Littlbug Senior or Junior stove create a featherweight, hassle-free basic travel companion.

EssentialsBring some food, a good sheath knife, fire starter, appropriate clothing, first aid kit, toiletries and a positive attitude.  That’s enough to get you started.

Survival camping is all about testing your endurance limits. Remember to proceed with caution when venturing into unfamiliar territory. For example, survival camping can be difficult if you don’t account for variables such as dangerous animals or terrain changes that you need to be prepared for.

Aside from that, what are you waiting for? It’s time to throw together your basics, travel light and take in all the wilderness has to offer. 

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