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What Makes the Best Wood-Burning Backpacking Stoves

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What is it about a Wood-Burning Stove?

We have to admit, we’re really into gear. If we come across any article related to different types of gear, we’re going to read it. There is something about reading someone else’s perspective about a shared interest that gives you that feeling of connection. Now when an article calls out one of our products, well that just makes our day!

This article, we will share the link at the end of our blog, touches on our favorite thing, using nature's kindling for your camp stove! Many of our blogs are centered around backpacking in general versus camp stoves. We want to make sure our readers are enjoying (well prepared and safely) mother nature and all the natural beauty that exists outdoors! While we definitely love our product, there is only so much we can write about it! Today is the day though. Today, let’s discuss why using a wood stove, to us, is superior to a petroleum fueled stove.

We have Our Reasons…

The first reason for us is simply that a fuel canister is one less thing we need to carry. As many of you surely know, loading up your backpack can be like playing Tetris. A lot of gear is vying for a very limited amount of space, and base weight can add up really fast. We are always trying to find ways that we can lighten our load. Knowing that nature is there to provide our fuel makes ditching the fuel canister a no-brainer. We’ve also had fuel canisters run out of fuel, but nature has never run empty on us!

Now, admittedly, when we first began backpacking, we just wanted to get out in nature and explore. Fuel canisters were an obvious choice to keep things easy and quick. As we’ve matured, our relationship with backpacking has evolved. What began as a fun hobby, has really turned into a secondary way of life. When we are on a trip, a major part of being there is getting back to nature with the least amount of modern conveniences as possible. There’s something about getting a fire going the same way that generations of humans had to do for thousands of years for survival that resonates in the soul. There’s an inner peace and a basic sense of accomplishment when you backpack this way, and we just love it. Completely unspoiled. We understand that it’s not for everybody, but it is for us! Our stoves do support wood and alcohol fuel types though, so they allow you the freedom to play around with what works best for you! We encourage you to give the natural way a try, you might like it!

Let’s Discuss Some Options!

Most stoves come in two materials, stainless steel and titanium. Both work great. It's really a matter of user preference.

With a titanium stove, you are looking at less weight, but because titanium is not as dense as stainless steel, it can warp over time. Fortunately, this warping doesn’t usually impact the way your stove works, but you are looking at having to replace it much sooner than if you were to have a stainless steel stove. A huge pro to titanium, we will admit, is that it cools more quickly. So if you’re on a tight schedule, titanium might be the right choice for you!

Our Littlbug stoves are made of stainless steel. While denser than the titanium stoves, the stoves are still lightweight and they handle heat incredibly well. No warping on these stoves. They are built to last, and provide years of quality use with no need for maintenance kits or spare parts!

Littlbug Senior & Littlbug Junior

When buying a new stove, you’ll want to make sure that whatever you choose can accommodate the pots and pans you may already have. Or, if you’re starting completely from scratch, you get to determine what size works best. We offer our stoves in two different sizes, so no matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

While we aim to get our stoves in your packs, we know that there are other companies out there who also have great offerings. At the end of the day, you need to be happy with your purchase and feel good about what goes in your pack. The linked article below has great information about 7 wood burning stoves, including our Littlbug Junior. We feel blessed to be included in this list along with some other great stoves. Be sure to check it out, and we hope you’ll be cooking with one of our Littlbug Stoves the next time you’re on the trail!

7 Best Wood-Burning Backpacking Stoves

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