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Are You a Serious Backpacker? Do You Know One?

Posted by Summer Nitsch for Littlbug Enterprises on

Okay, you are the expert and could probably offer us several tips as well. We have continued our research into items that may prove helpful to a wide variety and various skill levels of outdoor enthusiasts, we have created the list below that identifies additional items that a more serious backpacker or camper may include in their pack. Or if you are new and just want to jump all in, this are some great items that you may not have initially popped into your mind. 

As we have mentioned in the previous blogs, there are many different ways to enjoy nature during every season: winter, spring, summer or fall. As you gain more experience in the wilderness, you become better equipped for the various situations you may encounter. We also recognize there are specific items that every backpacker needs to enjoy the outdoors during any season, so we have taken the time to comb through just a few of our favorites to share with you. And the best part is they are all under $60! As always, any of these could make the perfect gift for a loved one, friend, significant other, or for yourself in order to plan that trip to the great outdoors, whether it's camping, backpacking, bicycling or paddling. 

If you are truly an outdoor backpacking enthusiast, you may have already invested in something similar. But, if you haven’t yet, this is a perfect addition to your pack or camping gear. Super lightweight and can also help in those situations where you need some extra firewood or even a walking stick or post to keep a tarp in place. 

1.   Sven Saw: ($42) Ultralight folding saw that’s handy for cutting firewood and trail maintenance. Classic design. Ideal for camping, scouting, canoe trips, backpacking, or hunting.

In case you happen to be enjoying an adventure where you have cell service, or perhaps you just want to bring it along to capture those picture perfect moments, this shoulder pocket will help to keep it safe, easy to grab when needed, but it won’t be a hindrance when you’re in the midst of a vigorous trek.

2.   Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dyneema WP Backpack Shoulder Pocket: ($40) Holds a variety of small items, w/ wallet compartment. Waterproof. A backpacker favorite. It’s a rugged and slim accessory that won’t be a distraction or hamper your freedom of movement.

Another great accessory to add an extra hand or pocket to your pack. Similar to the shoulder pocket, this is actually a chest pocket. Ideal for late season hiking where you may want to keep a water bladder tube close to your body to keep from freezing. Just an overall great hydration option that allows you to stay on the move. 

3.   Mystery Ranch Wing Man: ($40) Accessory chest pocket compatible with all backpacks. Ever wish you had another hand? How about just one more pocket? This serves the purpose when mounted to the shoulder straps of your backpack. Keep a water bottle and other key items front and center where they're easy to grab.

It’s a simple fact, but a necessary item when you are in the backcountry on any outdoor expedition - here’s the perfect solution for an uncomfortable topic! Light and thin and works in any terrain. That’s all we have to say about this. 

4.   QiWiz Big Dig Titanium Trowel: ($36) Handmade Ultralight poo trowel that can dig through tough soil. Thin but incredibly strong, nearly indestructible, cuts turf and small roots with ease.

This is kind of a fun item that we have seen pick up more interest the last few years - a solar charger. We now have so many great tools and electronic gadgets to ‘improve’ our outdoor adventures, and this item will help keep them charged without having to pack extra batteries. For the purist, probably not necessary, but for some that are just getting the hang of things in the great outdoors, this is pretty slick. 

5.   Solar Charger: ($60) For those who want to bring rechargeable devices with them, this is a lightweight solution for on-the-go power from the sun, the monocrystalline Goal Zero Nomad 5 solar panel features a 5-watt capacity in a rugged enclosure with an easy-to-use kickstand and USB port. Provides a compact, all-in-one charging experience weighing only 12.7 ounces.

Definitely last but not least, our favorite Littlbug Stoves! The ultimate solution in controlling weight in your pack while not sacrificing on convenience when it comes to preparing your food and boiling water. If you haven’t tried one yet, you are missing out on a truly simplified camp stove experience. 

6.   Littlbug Stoves ($55-$57) Littlbug backpacking camp stoves are clean burning, ultra lightweight, easy to assemble & boil water fast. Just gather sticks and twigs for your stove, or use alcohol for quick & convenient heat. Leave no trace with the Littlbug Fire Bowl. The benefits are easy to see why we love our Littlbug!

  • Choose Your Fuel – Littlbug Stoves Burn Wood or Alcohol
  • Rugged Simplicity – Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stable – Unique Pot Supports Provide a Versatile Cooking Platform
  • Nests for Easy Storage and Transport – Wraps Around a Sleeping Pad
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Boils Water Fast
  • Cools Quickly
  • Requires No Maintenance Kits, Spare Parts, Windscreens, or Heat Exchangers
  • Plus lots of fun accessories to choose from too!

Please share any other items that you have found a great asset in your backpacking gear or camping collection. We love to collaborate with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and value your insight as well. We focused on essential, lightweight items to optimize all space and weight to fully outfit your backpack.

While we add value to your outdoor experience, you are adding value to our planet and all that live here. Littlbug Enterprises donates at least 10% of its profits to help care for the Earth and its inhabitants.