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Comparing Wood Burning Backpacking Camp Stoves | What's Important and Why It Matters (Part Three)

Posted by Kent M. Hering | Inventor of the Littlbug Stove on

In this collection of posts I am presenting 20 considerations that are important when choosing your wood burning backpacking camp stove and showing how these considerations are dealt with in four different stove designs available on the market today.

In this post I will compare the packed size and shape of the Littlbug Junior, Solo Titan, Emberlit FireAnt and Vargo Hexagon wood burning backpacking camp stoves.

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Consideration 4 - Packed Size and Shape: Size and shape when stowed for transport influences how much of the valuable space your stove takes in your pack or if you can carry it some other way – like rolled in your sleeping pad. The rule of thumb here is that you want your stove to be large when set up because that increases safety and convenience when cooking and you want your stove to be small when stowed for transport. A stove that's big when set up and small when packed is not easy to design. It requires a combination of imagination, field experience and engineering skill. Two of the stoves in this comparison are small when packed and small when set up (Emberlit and Vargo). One stove in this comparison is large when set up and large when packed (Solo). One stove in this comparison is small when packed and large when set up (Littlbug). Only the Littlbug Stove is flexible and can be rolled up in your sleeping pad and strapped to the outside of your pack. See Figure 4-5 for an assembled vs packed size comparison of all the stoves.

Littlbug Junior Disassembled and Packed

Figure 4-1

Solo Titan Disassembled and Packed

Figure 4-2

Emberlit FireAnt Disassembled and Packed

Figure 4-3

Vargo Hexagon Disassembled and Packed

Figure 4-4


Figure 4-5

Littlbug Junior

Solo Titan Emberlit FireAnt Vargo Hexagon
Assembled Size 154 cu in 165 cu in 61 cu in 78 cu in
Packed Size 14 cu in 116 cu in 7 cu in 13 cu in

Table 4

In my next posting of Comparing Wood Burning Backpacking Camp Stoves | What's Important and Why It Matters, I will be discussing the weight, stability, boil time, fuel port size and access, ease of assembly and multi fuel options of your stove. In your search for the backpacking stove that's right for you, I hope you end up choosing a Littlbug Stove! You can check out our products here.


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