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What to Include in Your Field Repair Kit

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Your gear can literally save your life if you get into trouble, so why not prioritize gear repair by including a dedicated repair kit in your survival kit? It's important to have a few multi-purpose supplies like needles, duct tape, and dental floss, all of which can be used to repair gear.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a modern marvel that can repair or replace hundreds of outdoor camping, hunting, and survival goods, from filling holes in hydration bladders and canteens to taping your boots back together.

Thread and Floss

In a repair kit, we prefer to have several yards of each of these. For most repairs, floss is the strongest fiber, but a heavy sewing thread is occasionally a better match for stitching clothes, materials, and gear back together.


Because needles are so easily misplaced and broken, you'll need a lot of them in your repair kit. On heavy, coarsely woven textiles, sturdy canvas needles can be used. For almost anything else, finer needles can be utilized. Add a few "glover's" needles for leather work as well.

Super Glue

Many items can be restored to working order with a one-ounce tube of super glue. In case it spills, you might wish to keep it in its own plastic bag.

Lighter or Matches

While a repair kit is a great place to keep a backup fire starter, a small lighter or book of paper matches can also help you fix things by providing the heat needed to melt ropes, webbing, and other plastic gear.


A couple of buttons may not seem like priority items, but they will after your pants button blows out and you’re left trying to hike with your pants falling down. Trust us — buttons are good.

Razor Blade

Few objects are as sharp as a razor blade while remaining so compact and light. Because many repairs entail cutting materials, having a spare blade on hand can be extremely useful.


A few feet of small gauge steel wire can be used as a snare, but it can also be used for mending fishing equipment, lanterns, and other modest repairs.

Safety Pins

If you don't have time to stitch, you can tack a couple safety pins into something to keep it together for a while longer.

When you’re putting together a disaster kit, it’s important to have any repair items you might need. However, we’re happy to share that due to the structure of the Littlbug camp stoves, they require no maintenance kits or spare parts. This makes having a Littlbug stove in your disaster kit invaluable.

What other items would you carry in your repair kit?

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