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Gear Recommendations from Rob Kesselring: Wilderness Guide, Writer, Workshop Leader

Posted by Rob Kesselring on

Twig stoves are all the rage these days. My final gear recommendation is the Littlbug. It is the granddaddy of twig stoves, both because it's been around for years and because it is the biggest.

Last summer, I did an eight day Quetico trip, and I did not carry an axe, saw, or gas stove, just a Littlbug. With pinecones and kindling, I could get a pot of water boiling in minutes. The Littlbug consists of four pieces of spring stainless steel, which snap together in seconds. The chimney design creates a strong draft. The top is a grate, very useful in Quetico. As much fun as cooking over a fire is, on hot days you will appreciate the smaller blaze of the Littlbug. On cool nights, you can also create a hot and sustaining campfire by sticking long pieces of wood in the top like pushing a celery stalk into a Bloody Mary. With a little assistance, the firewood will sink as it burns down. Some people will want to bring a pair of leather work gloves along to keep their hands clean for assembling and disassembling the Littlbug. Avoid counterfeit, poor-quality imitations on the market that even use ripped off photos of the original. By the authentic, American-made Littlbug from the inventor Kent Hering direct online at

By Rob Kesselring: Wilderness Guide, Writer, Workshop Leader.
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Reprinted with permission from Summer 2017 Boundary Waters Journal,

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