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10 Essentials for a Successful Hunting Trip

Posted by Maren McReynolds (Black Mountain Outfitters) & Superior Effect Marketing for Littlbug Enterprises on

If you’ve been hunting for some time, it’s likely that you already have an idea of what you need. If it is your first time, preparing a list of essentials is recommended, so you have all you need for a successful hunt. You might even need to invest in a guided hunting trip to have insight into what you should and shouldn’t do.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are different types of hunts, and each one will require different hunting gear. However, there are certain essentials that you need to bring regardless of the kind of hunt to help ensure its success. If you need help with your hunting essentials list, check out our list!

Drinking Water

Ensuring that you are hydrated before, during, and after your hunt is essential to any successful hunt. Carry your water in an element-proof container, like a water bottle, canteen, or camelbak bladder.

Hunting License

Always bring a copy of your hunting license when hunting, whether it’s a paper copy or a complete and clear image of it on your smartphone. If you’re bringing the former, put it in a plastic bag to protect it from the elements.


When hunting in low-light/no-light situations, having a bright, reliable flashlight is critical. A 300+ lumen flashlight will help you safely traverse the terrain and help you find your kill quickly.

Hunting Knife

A hunter may need to cut or trim bushes, strings, cloth, and other materials in a typical hunting trip. If you get a kill, butchering tasks will follow, for which you need a set of downsized butcher knives.

Navigation (GPS, Map, and/or Compass)

On any hunt, it’s important to know where you are going and how you got there. Carrying a GPS Unit loaded with maps of the local area and a dedicated map and compass (protected from the elements) is essential to identifying trails and safely going to and from your next hunt.

First-Aid Kit

Anything can happen during a hunt. You could suffer cuts or blisters, come into contact with poison ivy, or twist your ankle. A good first aid kit will include bandages, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, compression wraps, pain medicine, tourniquets, cordage for splints, and more. Your first aid kit should include everything you need to render aid to yourself until you can reach help.


Keeping your energy up is essential on any hunt. Bring shelf-stable food, like mixed nuts, beef jerky, energy bars, dried fruit, and more. For longer hunts, consider packing MREs or other calorie-dense foods that are lightweight, easy to prepare, and easy to transport.

Hunting Binoculars

Hunting involves, among other things, scouting prey from a distance and locating trails. A good pair of small and lightweight hunting binoculars can make things easier for a hunter.

Weather Gear

Prior to any hunt, you must study local weather conditions and bring the appropriate gear (such as space blankets, hats, beanies, gloves, shemaghs) to regulate your body temperature and keep your gear dry. These pieces of equipment can help protect you and double as useful first aid gear in the event of injury.


A good rangefinder can be just as critical as your weapon selection on your hunt. Your rangefinder will help you identify the distance between you and your target, so that you can be as accurate as possible when you take your shot.

Hunting can be fun. However, it’s crucial to bring the gear that you need to enjoy your next hunt safely. Nowadays, there is a wealth of information (and gear) available to hunters, but these ten items are mission-critical to make your next hunt your best hunt.

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