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Glamping with Your Littlbug Stove

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Backpacking and hiking is a great way to see many breathtaking sights in the outdoors, but pitching a tent (or hanging a hammock) in the backcountry isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay!

However you decide to explore the wilderness is perfect! Whether you prefer to tent at a more formal campground or use a travel trailer/RV, a Littlbug stove is a great addition to your camping experience.

When you’re at your campsite, a Littlbug camp stove is a great tool to help you build and start your fire. Not to mention, its structure is helpful for cooking, allowing you to set a pot or pan on top.

If you decide to take a day trip to a nearby state park or other wilderness area, Littlbug stoves are light enough to add to your pack if you’d like to boil water for a midmorning coffee break or hot lunch out on the trail.

Who doesn’t love a nice meal over the fire when camping? We have a few cooking tips for your next glamping trip:

  1. Use a Cast Iron Skillet: Glamping allows you to be less discerning when it comes to the weight of your gear. If you're going to be cooking over an open flame, we highly suggest using cast iron. If you season it properly, it will never rust, and cooking on cast iron has an incredible flavor. It may be used to cook anything, and cleanup is simple. All you need is a damp cloth to clean it!
  2. Make Foil Packet Meals: Meals in foil packets are a blessing. It doesn't get any simpler to prepare food over a campfire than by covering it in tin foil, keeping it warm in the embers until it is time to eat. There are countless meals that may be created in tin foil, from dessert to dinner, making them incredibly flexible. You could become an expert at cooking over a campfire if you just mastered the foil packet meal. Here's a link that has some easy and delicious foil packet meals
  3. Turn Food Cooking over the Campfire Often: Cooking over a campfire might be much trickier because it can be difficult to predict when anything will burn. We've all burned food before despite our best efforts. Hot coals are not always a constant temperature like an oven. Over the fire, you should turn your meal more frequently than you would in an oven or grill. It is advisable to flip or turn the food every few minutes so that it can cook more evenly and has a lower risk of being burnt.

With your Littlbug stove and these tips, we hope your next camping trip is the best one yet!

What’s your favorite way to camp?

Where is your favorite destination?

ICYMI: Littlbug was featured on The Camping Show! Check it out HERE if you haven’t watched our episode yet!

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