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Give a Littl, Get a Lot!

Posted by Summer Nitsch for Littlbug Enterprises on

The art of gift giving has ebbed and flowed over the years. The advent of gift cards, the ease of online shopping, a global pandemic - just to name a few big impacts on buying that perfect gift for a loved one. But what if you found that perfect gift that gave a lot of memories and opportunities throughout the entire year, or throughout someone’s lifetime. That would be one heck of a gift! Well, we have some ideas for you that can provide this exact experience!

Despite the disposable world we occupy, there are still many individuals that value and believe in the quality of a product, its ability to be repurposed, or purchasing items that have multiple uses. At Littlbug Enterprises we practice the philosophy of Leave No Trace and embrace the world around us and all the beauty it shares with us. Littlbug backpacking camp stoves are clean burning, lightweight, easy to assemble & boil water fast. All you really need are sticks and twigs for your stove and let the memories begin.

Besides some of the obvious uses of a Littlbug Stove, we’d like to share some fun ideas that you can incorporate into your recreational time with family or by yourself. Especially during this time while social distancing is practiced.

  1. Go on a Hot Chocolate Hike.

Nothing is more fun in the winter months than drinking some hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Throw in some marshmallows and a little outdoor therapy, and you have it made! It’s so easy to do this with the Littlbug Jr or Sr stove. All you need is a backpack that contains: your Littlbug stove, a metal coffee pot or pan to heat water, mugs or something to mix and drink your hot chocolate, packets of dry hot chocolate (the paper packets can actually be used to start the fire too), a container of water (or if you have clean snow available - you could use it versus packing water), and of course, the mini marshmallows to top. What a wonderful memory to create with your children or significant other!

Hot Chocolate with Littlbug Stick and Twig Campstove

   2. Roast Hot Dogs at the Beach or Park.

Another easy way to enjoy the outdoors with your family is a short trip to a beach or a nearby park. Whether you have to hike a little bit to find the perfect spot, or park and walk a few yards to the nearest picnic area, your Littlbug Stove is so lightweight and easy to set up, everyone will be enjoying a fantastic lunch listening to the birds! We suggest a small cooler that can accommodate an ice pack to keep the hotdogs cold. And then it’s just the fixings: tomato, mustard, and relish packs, chips and buns. You can always hunt for a good stick to use for roasting, or there are metal skewers you can buy and bring with you. Hotdogs are the absolute best when they have that smoky, campfire taste!

   3. Weekend Backpacking or Camping Trip

When you want to be more adventurous, planning a 2 or 3 day backpacking or camping trip with your family can definitely create some fun memories to share as the years pass. Of course, this will take a bit more planning, but if done correctly, it is definitely worth it! We recommend trying the camping trip with your family first before attempting backpacking with children. It can help work out any kinks in packing and over all preparedness versus having hiked out in the wilderness and finding yourself missing a few key items! Here is a great checklist to utilize if you are backpacking, and this is a fantastic checklist if you are camping. Most importantly, take the time to really enjoy nature and your family without the interruption of technology or the outside world.

   4. Day Biking Trip or Winter Snowshoeing

How perfect is a beautiful day on a bike trail or path with your family, or snowshoeing through fresh fallen pristine snow! Whether it’s winter or summer, day trips like these are so easy to plan and enjoy! Similar to the Hot Chocolate Hike, a simple day pack is all that is needed. Pack some sandwiches (if it’s summertime, be sure to pack them with an ice pack), or dehydrated soup packs, plenty of water (containers or your personal water bottles), fun snacks or trail bars, hot chocolate if you’re snowshoeing. Dress accordingly and off you go!

Memories created with those near and dear to you are so easy to form with the Littlbug Stove, why wait! It has a versatile cooking platform, doesn’t require a maintenance kit, spare parts, windscreens or heat exchangers. Plus it is constructed of stainless steel right here in the USA.

Give the gift that continues to give for a lifetime. Give a Littlbug Stove this year, and you’ll be sure to get a lot!

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While we add value to your outdoor experience, you are adding value to our planet and all that live here. Littlbug Enterprises donates at least 10% of its profits to help care for the Earth and its inhabitants.