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Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster Preparedness

Boiling water is acknowledged as the safest method for treating water. Refined fuel will be hard to get in an emergency but with a Littlbug wood burning stove you don't have to ration your fuel or your water. The Littlbug Senior Stove is the superior choice for disaster preparedness.


Use a Littlbug Stove to Provide:

  • Safe water to relieve your thirst
  • A hot meal to cheer you
  • Warm water to cleanse and refresh you
  • Soothing warmth for your tired body and ravaged spirit
  • In an emergency, having an ample supply of clean water is a top priority. The American Red Cross recommends one gallon of water per person per day.

Littlbug Stove Benefits:

  • Rugged Simplicity
  • For the confidence that it will work when you need it
  • Small and lightweight
  • Take it with you if you have to leave
  • Debris is Fuel for the Littlbug Stove
  • Click the following links for more Benefits or Specifications.

When You Lose Hope, You Lose Everything

Debris is Fuel for the Littlbug Stove

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