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Camping with Kids

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Spring is here, and it’s time to start planning your summer camping trips (if you haven’t already). If you’re planning on camping with kids, there are certain aspects to consider preparing when you start planning and packing. We’ve put together a few concepts for you that could be very helpful when planning a camping trip with your kids.

1. Age of Your Kids

The age of the kids camping with you will definitely impact your trip. If you have younger children, they might not be well suited for a backpacking trip out into the backcountry, unless you’re well prepared and able to carry the bulk of their supplies (along with your own).

However, a backpacking trip out in the wilderness with older kids could be the perfect way to give them a break from day-to-day life, especially when we’re living in such a technologically-driven world. Being able to step away from the digital world, especially social media, can have a great effect on anyone’s mental health. And it can be a great family bonding experience as well. 

2. Activities They Enjoy

Whether you’re backpacking, tenting at a drive-in site, or “glamping”, it’s important to include activities that everyone enjoys, so if you know your kids love swimming, make sure your site is near a lake or river with safe places for them to swim. Make sure to consider other water activities such as canoeing, kayaking, or maybe in just looking for shells. Water (as long as you have proper personal flotation gear) can provide a lot of fun activities kids of all ages enjoy.

Do they love heights? Find a state or national park with some trails in mountains or along bluffs. It gives them a destination to be excited about while out on the trail. It can help provide a great sense of accomplishment to hike up to a higher elevation and take in a beautiful panoramic vista. Plus, it can be the perfect photo opportunity too!

3. Environments They Thrive In

If your kids don’t function well in either weather that is too hot or too cold, make sure to keep that in mind when you’re choosing your destination. You don’t want them to be miserable on the trip because of something they have no control over.

Similarly, if they love skiing, pick a great winter spot with cross country skiing or somewhere in the mountains. If they enjoy fishing, find a great lake or river with new fish for them to try catching.

For many groups, shoulder seasons (fall or spring) are a great time to travel. There tends to be more moderate temperatures during those seasons.

4. Places They Want to Visit

When you start your planning, ask them if there’s any places they’d be interested in visiting. Including your kids in the planning process can help get them even more excited about the trip. You can even enlist them in creating an initial packing list, providing guidance of course. 

5. Ways to Travel

There are a number of ways to travel. You might be backpacking, but if you want to check out a destination away from home, you’ll have to determine the best way for your family to get there.

You could fly, this is sometimes the most efficient way to get from point A to point B. Keep in mind, if you do fly you may want to consider working with an outfitting company to provide gear necessary for your trip that you are unable to pack (or would just prefer not to pack.) Keep in mind that a wood burning stove like the Littlbug can be packed for air travel but other types of stoves may not be allowed.  If you’d like to have more control over your journey, a road trip could be a great option! This way, you’re able to stop and explore extra impromptu places along the way. Taking a train is another great way to travel, plus you often get to see many things that you wouldn’t often see flying or driving to your destination.

We hope these few points help you in your planning for family camping trips, and we encourage you to check out a few of our other blogs, depending on where your trip takes you.

What family camping trips are you hoping to plan in 2022?

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