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Adventure by Water

Posted by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

Exploring by land has its own sense of adventure. However, going by water is a whole new experience. Whether floating leisurely down a river, navigating through rapids, or taking to the lakes, adventuring by water is an experience of its own. The views captured on the water are breathtaking and ones you’ll remember forever. If you have yet to venture out onto the water, here are some of our favorite ways to adventure by water:

River Tubing, one of the more leisure water enjoyments, gives fun for the whole family. It can offer short bursts of exhilarating adrenaline going down short stints of river rapids on a quickly flowing river. It’s best enjoyed mid-late summer, when raging rivers have slowed and before rocks become exposed and become a regular butt bumper.

Enjoy river tubing after a long day on the trails or after work while the sun is still hot. Remember to either leave your valuables in your vehicle, or tie them securely to your floatation device and in a waterproof container. You never know when the river will surprise you and give you a friendly flip.

Rafting can range from extreme to leisure, depending on the time of year and the river. Be sure to enjoy this adventure with experienced rafters or with a guide. This wild adventure can turn from leisure floating to extreme navigation through lengthy rapids in just moments. It’s an exhilarating and relaxing experience all in the same trip.

Some enjoy short day rafting trips, while others adventure on multi-day excursions. Multi-day trips require meticulous packing. Weight and equipment are just as important on water as they are on land.

Being close to water has it’s advantages, you’re never short on just that, water.

Littlbug Tip: To keep gear light, leave your fuel canisters at home and pack your ultralight Littlbug wood burning stove. Littlbug’s ultralight stick stoves boil water efficiently and you have stove options from a couple people to a group.

Canoeing: Take to lakes or wide rivers via canoe. This experience is like none other. Paddling across lakes, maneuvering through sandbars, and navigating choppy waves isn’t for the light of heart, but can also be enjoyed by all outdoor skill levels based on the conditions.

Packing always looks a little different in a canoe. It’s narrow bed and seat space encourage lightweight packing and smaller gear bags. You’ll want to watch your weight capacity in a canoe as well. The Littlbug Jr. Stove makes for a great stove option. Weighing in at 5.1oz, it allows you to keep your fuel canisters at home. When collapsed, it’s curved shape nestles in around gear helping keep packed bags small and compact.

Kayaking: Another fun watercraft, kayaks come in all sorts of varieties and sizes. Typically powered by one person, they give you the option to enjoy trips solo or with friends or loved ones.

You can enjoy a day paddle with minimal gear needs, keeping it to day snacks and essentials. Paddle out to an otherwise inaccessible island or beach for a secluded overnight trip. Be strategic when packing lightweight for one or two, even for one night. Pack only what you need and enjoy easier cruising without having to propel extra weight.

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