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Your Outdoor Skills: Day Hiking Gear Tips

Posted by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

Day hikes provide the perfect opportunity to wander into the backcountry without having to pack for an overnight trip. Whether it’s a loop trails or an out-and-back, you can find plenty of trails that take you into wilderness areas or parks that give you the same enjoyment as backpacking, without the extra gear or weight.

It’s always wise to be prepared when you enter the backcountry, whether it’s for a day hike or a long backpacking trip. We want you to have the best experience enjoying the outdoors on your next day hike adventure, so we put together a few lightweight things you can throw into your daypack.


You may want to start your hike early, before the sun, or you may want to relax and take your time on the trail. And sometimes, we miscalculate daylight hours or how long it takes to finish a hike. It’s always best to have a headlamp packed and ready to go, so you’re prepared to navigate in low light conditions.

Rain Tarp & Rope

While it’s unlikely, you may get caught in harsh weather while you’re enjoying your day outside. In a case where the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to lighten up in an hour or two, it’s nice to have a tarp to set up quickly. It not only protects you from the elements, but provides you shelter in case you need to take a nap. Use the rope to easily hang your tarp to create a comfortable shelter.

If you hike with trekking poles or hiking sticks, you can use these to help you pitch your tarp. You can find other helpful ways to use your hiking poles here.

Woodburning Backpacking Stove, Pot, & Lighter

Woodburning backpacking stoves like the Littlbug Junior Stove and a small pot take up very little room in your daypack and tend to be very light. They give you the opportunity to quickly boil water in the event you accidently run out or find you didn’t bring enough. Instead of risking drinking contaminated water, scoop the water into your pot, and boil over your stove for up to 20 minutes to make sure you kill any harmful bacteria that might be in the water.

A small woodburning stove also gives you a way to stay warm if you find yourself in harsh, unexpected weather conditions. With quick assembly and accessible fuel sources (read about our fuel advice here), you can have a heat source within minutes. The tarp, mentioned above, also protects your stove from the elements, making it easier to keep your fire going and you warm. It can add a sense of safety and comfort when the outside conditions aren’t nearly as nice.

Also, with a woodburning stove, you don’t have to worry about carrying extra fuel. Use nature’s fuel; sticks, twigs, and leaves; to feed your stove. This gives you the opportunity for your day hike to still be the ultralight experience you are looking for.

When it comes to outdoor skills the more you bring along, the less you have to carry. Skills don't break and they're never left behind. They don’t leak, tear, and they don’t get wet! Take them with you on your next adventure and have the best experience enjoying the outdoors.

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