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Introducing Art of the Trek

Posted by Kent M. Hering | Inventor of the Littlbug Stove on

We’re pleased and excited to announce a partnership with our friends at Art of the Trek. 

Let Art of the Trek Plan Your Next Adventure! 

Art of the Trek is a community-based outdoor trip-planning app that enables you to research and plan successful adventures all in one place. Historically, they’ve provided tools so you can plan your own custom routes. The good news is that they’re now taking trip requests. They’ll design a custom route for exactly the trip you’re looking to take at no cost to you.

It’s easy: you tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll provide a well-researched route complete with photos, trailheads, campsites, scenic locations, permit and reservation info, helpful notes, and everything you need in one tidy package

My son and I will be using the services of Art of the Trek to help plan our next expedition - paddling the Mississippi River (and yes, we will be using our Littlbug Stove!).. Stay tuned to learn about our adventures this autumn.  I plan to post a review of the package provided by Art of the Trek. 

To learn more about Art of the Trek, please visit them at and submit your trip request at  When you use the trip planning service at Art of the Trek, you can get a 15% discount on a Littlbug Stove.


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