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Hunting Camp Essentials

Posted by Esther Drebelbis of Littlbug Enterprises on

Hunting season is upon us and many are eager to get into the wilderness and set up camp. Some hunters enjoy getting lost deep in the backcountry. And others enjoy driving around on back roads until they find the perfect roadside camp. For those that enjoy returning to a little extra comfort at the end of a long day of hunting, we have a few tips for you to make your basecamp comfortable so you can enjoy the best hunting experience this fall and falls to come.

The Sleeping Experience

Hunting is labor intensive. Many times you’re up before the sun and returning to camp after dark, hoping to see your prey before dusk. Returning to camp exhausted, it’s nice to have a comfortable sleeping area. While sleeping pads work wonders these days, there’s nothing better than sleeping off the ground on a cot.

Bring a comfortable sleeping bag and a pillow from home to make it an even better sleeping experience. You may want to throw a foam sleeping pad on top of the cot to keep you warm, without compromising your comfort. After a good night of sleep, you’ll be well rested for the next long day of hunting.

The Cooking Experience

I think we can all agree that backpacking food tastes delicious while you’re in the wilderness. Take your cooking game to the next level and enjoy some gourmet meals while you’re out hunting. You don’t have to rely on freeze dried meals in an off road hunting basecamp. Instead, bring a cooler of some quality fresh foods, pre-prepared at home, and pack in some healthy, hearty calories before hitting the hay on that comfortable cot.

Try this delicious lasagna skillet recipe from Dirty Gourmet, which matches perfectly with the Littlbug Senior Stove, which fits a medium cast iron skillet perfectly. Prep the ingredients and pre-measure at home before you leave to save time and make for easy assembly. Plus, when using a wood burning campstove, you’re able to use fuel sources like sticks and twigs, and practice natural conservation in your favorite hunting spot. If you don’t want to worry about gathering fuel, bring along an alcohol burner for your Littlbug Stove. Check out the Littlbug Pot Sling, which helps you burn fuel efficiently while using an alcohol burner.

Make sure you change out of your hunting gear before you begin cooking. You want to keep your hunting gear as far away from the smells of cooking or other artificial scents, so try hanging them on some trees away from where you’re cooking.

The Clothing Experience

You know those pair of thermal underwear you always wish you had when backpacking, but they’re too bulky and heavy to pack and carry? Well, when you have a drive up hunting basecamp, you get to bring those! Bring your favorite slippers, toss in that extra pair of socks and underwear, and enjoy the finer things in life. Thankfully, when you have a vehicle close by, it’s hard to overpack.

Don’t get too excited about your comforts and forget the essentials. Remember to bring your hunting camouflage, orange vests and hats, and stay safe during this hunting season! We wish you a safe and successful hunting season this fall! Go enjoy your basecamp comforts and have the best experience yet.

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